[[t]ˈkær i[/t]] v. -ried, -ry•ing,
1) to move while supporting or holding; take from one place to another; transport:
to carry groceries home[/ex]
2) to wear, hold, or have around one:
to carry a cane[/ex]
3) to contain or be capable of containing; hold:
This suitcase can carry enough clothes for a week[/ex]
4) to serve as a medium for the transmission of:
The networks carried her speech[/ex]
5) to be the means of conveying:
The space shuttle carried a satellite[/ex]
6) to be pregnant with
7) to continue or transfer to a subsequent time, page, or column:
to carry a number in adding[/ex]
8) to transfer to a higher authority:
to carry a case to appellate court[/ex]
9) to bear the weight or burden of
10) mad to sing (a melody) on pitch
11) to hold (the body or head) in a certain manner
12) to bear or comport (oneself) in a specified manner:
carries herself with dignity[/ex]
13) to secure the passage of (a motion or bill)
14) to gain a majority of votes in (a district)
15) to extend in a given direction or to a certain point:
to carry the war into enemy territory[/ex]
16) to transmit or communicate, as news or a message
17) to influence by emotional or intellectual appeal
18) to uplift or dominate by superior talent or determination:
The star carried the play[/ex]
19) bui to drive or impel
20) to have as an attribute or consequence:
Violation carries a stiff penalty[/ex]
21) bus
a) to keep on hand or in stock for sale
b) to keep on the account books
22) to bear as a crop
23) to sustain or support, esp. financially
24) spo to advance beyond (an object or expanse) with one golf stroke
25) to act as a bearer or conductor
26) to have or exert propelling force
27) to be transmitted, propelled, or sustained:
Sounds carry well in the desert[/ex]
28) dch (of a horse) to bear the head in a particular manner
29) spo to rush with the football from scrimmage
30) phv carry away
to stir strong emotions in; provoke to excessive behavior:
Don't get carried away—it's only a movie[/ex]
31) phv bus carry back, to apply (an unused credit or operating loss) to the net income of a prior period in order to reduce the tax for that period
32) phv carry off
a) to win (a prize or honor)
b) to cause the death of
c) phv to deal with successfully
33) phv carry on
a) to manage; conduct
b) to continue without stopping; persevere
c) to be disruptive; act up
34) phv carry out
a) to put into operation; execute
b) to effect or accomplish; complete
35) phv carry over
a) to hold until a later time; postpone
b) to remain
c) bus to carry forward
d) to extend from one activity or time to another
36) phv carry through
a) phv to accomplish; complete
b) to support or help through a difficult situation
c) to be prevalent in
37) range, as of a gun
38) spo the distance a stroked golf ball travels
39) land between navigable waters over which a canoe or boat must be carried; portage
40) spo rushing with the football from scrimmage
41) a carrying
Etymology: 1275–1325; carien < AF carier < LL carricāre, appar. var. of *carrūcāre, der. of L carrūca traveling carriage < Celtic

From formal English to slang. 2014.

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